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Job Opportunity

Full Time Duties

Advertise our services and give your manager 5 names and phone numbers per day. That's 5 days a week, 25 names and phone numbers per week. That's 100 names and phone numbers per month.

Part Time Duties:

Advertise our services and give your manager 3 names and phone numbers per day. That's 5 days a week, 15 names and phone numbers per week. 60 names and phone numbers per month.

$100 Guarantee:

If you meet your quota for the month and have not made any commissions, you are guaranteed $100. This guarantee is for the 1st month only.

Job Opportunity

Residual Income Opportunity

Every person you bring in to advertise our services, you will make $100 to train them. You will also make commissions from their advertising.
To reach residual income opportunity, you can pay $200 when hired and start immediately, or pay as you go with your commissions. The fee will be $250

The Fees Are For Materials and Website

Full time commissions: Paid monthly for 1st two month then bi-weekly thereafter.

Part time commissions: Paid monthly

Full-time Income: $700 - $1500
with residual opp. $1200 - $2200
Part-time Income: $400 - $800
with residual opp $800 - $1500

Self Employed Commissions Advertisers Will make bonuses for reaching goals per month

Full time
30 sales - $100 bonus 40 sales - $150 bonus 50 sales - $200 bonus
Reach 2500 commissions earned $250 bonus


Part time
15 sales - $50 bonus 20 sales - $75 bonus 30 sales - $100 bonus
Reach 1900 commissions earned $150 bonus

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All money paid for MBC's list, Packages, and Courses are non-refundable

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